Emcee & Experience Expert Speaker

Deanna is an event emcee, moderator and speaker focused on the following topics:

  • Memory Makers – The Strategic Role Event Professionals Have to Create and Reinforce Memorable Moments
  • How to Harness Nostalgia in Your Event & Field Marketing Efforts
  • How to Use Your Memories to Find the Work that Lights You Up

Recent Audiences Served

What People are Saying…

*On December 5th, 2021, I was a guest for Deanna’s session titled, Top 5 Ways to Get Virtual Speaking Gigs. I learned a lot! Her content was very relevant for today’s virtual platforms. As someone who is conducting all of my teaching and training and speaking online, her recommendations were very helpful! A big take away for me was the need to assemble a professional video to include with any conference applications. She was very engaging and held my attention. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

*Great innovative and engaging session! Everything was right on point and well worth the time to be at this session.

*Deanna is a dynamic speaker. Great content, very interactive and engaging.

*Deanna was fantastic! It was engaging and the topic was timely! I love how she took the CMP domains and helped up to apply it to entrepreneurship.

*Deanna did a great job. Good energy and information. I’m a 12 year independent business owner and still got something out of this session.

*Great energy and could feel the positive energy coming from Deanna.

Deanna’s Purpose:

Deanna believes the power of memories is overlooked. They are key components of our personalities and what drives our decision making processes and yet so many people are not intentional about the memories they create OR retain. After losing both her grandmother and cousin in 2021, it forced Deanna to re-evaluate what’s important to in life – which is ultimately memories with loved ones. So now she’s on a mission to not only help event & marketing professionals bring intentionality about memories to experiential opportunities, but on a broader scale, help individuals harness the power of memories to enhance their lives.

Moments are fleeting, but memories are lasting. As an event professional, Deanna knows what it takes to create moments that your audience will never forget, inspiring brand loyalty and trust. Deanna caters her speeches to each unique audience, using relatability, humor, real life experience and insights that are invaluable.


To book Deanna as a speaker or emcee at your event, send an email to deanna@deannacamille.com or complete the form below. Thank you!

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