Ready to break into the event industry as a public speaker?
Need to refine your target audience?

Planner Prospecting 101 is the course for you! You’ll learn from me, Deanna Camille of, a veteran leader in the meeting and event industry, and expert public speaking trainer and coach. After almost fifteen years as a meeting and event planner, I have received thousands of speaker pitches – and have hired less than 1% of those that pitch to me. I see the same mistakes over and over again, and finally decided enough was enough. With my insight, I excel at helping speakers hone in on their audience, craft their pitch, and land various speaking gigs. 

Delivered to you in the comfort of your own home, Planner Prospecting 101 is a virtual course designed to help you master the “Meeting Professional Mindset” to drive inbound leads, reduce cold calls, and book more speaking gigs!

Course content overview:

Module 1: 
Who’s Your Client and How do you Find them? 

Learn how to find your niche and define your ideal target audience. You’ll get a crash course on the event industry landscape, differentiate the segments within this industry, and who oversees these types of events.

Module 2:
Generating Leads

I’ll walk you through how to establish your brand and create an online voice for yourself including collateral like sell sheets and  websites or portfolios. I will teach you where to look for opportunities to build your portfolio and maximize your exposure if you’re just starting out. And most importantly, we’ll review the steps you should take to ultimately get potential leads to find you.

Module 3:
Prepare Your Pitch

Who better to provide you insight into the mind of an event planner and what they look for when hiring speakers than an actual event planner?! Deanna will touch on the normal weak spots for speakers and the top pain points for planners to keep in mind when preparing your pitch. You will learn how to differentiate yourself from other speakers and how to convey your value to close the deal.

Module 4:
After Sealing the Deal

After signing a contract for an event, your job isn’t over. If you want to ensure the potential for repeat business and referrals, I’ll teach you what to do before, during and after your speech, to establish loyal planner clients.

By the end of Planner Prospecting 101
you will have the tools to confidently:

Define your target audience
and where to find them

Focus your marketing efforts
to attract potential clients

Prepare to nail your pitch with the decision makers in mind

Build a rolodex of satisfied
and loyal clients

To me, she is the Queen of Events, an indispensable partner and inspiration!

Ana T.
Freelance Graphic Designer

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